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I am above and beyond impressed with this seller! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when receiving my order. The packaging was amazing! And the plants received left me speechless. Thank you!!!

The plant arrived in perfect condition, and I am over the moon about it as it was shipped in the middle of winter to north east Ohio! The packaging was phenomenal and was like fort Knox to get into. The only reason I’m leaving a four star review is solely because the plant is MUCH smaller than what was pictured

The color is slightly different from the original plant. but still looks good and beautiful

my second plant dear I ordered. very beautiful, thank you

Anthurium Dressleri
Kaith Benned

awesome experience! I reached out to seller prior to ordering about how the plants were shipped- got a quick response and liked her method so I ordered right afterwards. shipping took less then a week and plants came in great condition! plus I got a free gift! will order from this seller again!

So this is my second order I placed shortly after my first with this seller. As before, it took a little less than a week to get plants once they were shipped, and it took about 2-3 weeks to ship after the purchase. It was worth the wait. All plants arrived in a perfect condition = I am super happy. Also, one of the plants became damaged during my last import by the customs inspection, so the seller was super cool about it shipped a replacement with this shipment. Orami was super responsive to all my questions. I will be ordering again from Bitplants with confidence knowing that the plants will arrive in a great condition, and if there is a problem I know that we will be able to work it out.

Very friendly and honest seller who really have a passion for what he does. Clear and close communication from start to finish. I will be back, long term +

Great plants that arrived, I was very hesitant and nervous ordering from so far away but it made it from indo to New Jersey! Roots looked good and nothing was damaged at all very Impressd so I’ll prolly buy again from here very soon !!!

Great price! Shipped quick. Came very healthy and roots are developed! Very happy with my purchase!!

Anthurium Clarinervium
Heather Dunne

Beautiful plants! Shipping was on time and everything was packed very well. I live in So Cal and I didn't have to pay Customs fees, although they did open and inspect the package. For a more in-depth review.

The plant I ordered came in great condition and they threw in an awesome freebie! Thank you so much:)

My item arrived and despite quite a delay in the delivery from DHS the plant was COMPLETELY thriving. They also threw in a free anthurium warocqueanum which I am over the moon with 😃 thank you so much, will definitely use you guys again!

Anthurium Clarinervium
Lisa Jennifer

It is as sold. Packaging was superb! Will buy again

Anthurium Crystallinum
Martin Lutchenko

can't say enough good things about this seller. They were very prompt to respond to my questions and were great to work with me to fix shipping charges when I wanted rto add to my order. Shipping was very quick considering it was international transit. As described in previous reviews , packaging was meticulous. The plants were all nice sizes and in very good shape. I would definitely order from this seller again. There was an unexpected import duty tax from DHL that I have never had before with imports, but it was only $25 and I guess just part of ordering internationally. It was very easy and quick to pay through the DHL app.

Anthurium Crystallinum
Lucas Smelter

Well communicated throughout purchase. Asked the seller to specifically package the plant in extra layers due to being cold in the UK, and Bitplants definitely did so. I have never had a parcel so meticulously wrapped! Wrapped in paper (post treatment), cotton packing, solid cardboard box and then an aluminium bubble wrap bag. Would buy from this seller again. Advice would be make sure it's warm in your own country when you get delivery! Thanks


Awesome package because it's winter here! The plant is perfect!

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